Wednesday, 19 December 2007


i have the use of my computer again, i haven't been able to connect to the internat for over a week now due to some silly workman digging through the cable to our virgin media connection, so annoyed and now i have so much to catch up on.

here is my challenge from last week which was to design a card for new year, sorry it is late but it couldnt be helped, i did actually do it over the weekend so i made it in time but just wasnt able to upload it.

and i need to now find out who the challenge setter is this week, when i do and i find out who and what is set i shall let you know


margaret D. said...

Hi I want to wish you a very happy christmas and a very happy craft new year. As I don't have your address I cannot send you a card so please accept this message as a card instead. Margaret D.

Anonymous said...

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