Monday, 3 December 2007

shopping night disaster

well as you can probabl;y tell from the title all did not go well at the shopping night in fact it was a complete and utter disaster, only made £11.80 after raffle prize donation and table charge, i didnt sell 1 card, jewellery only and most of that was kids friendship bands. not one person even bothered to ask a price.

i was so utterly disappointed and it was such a blow to my card making confidence, still i have decided to have a card party next week and see if i can sell some of them then, and if not i dont need to make any more cards for family and friends, didnt take any pics of my table as i forgot to take my camera


Anonymous said...

Come on, ok you did not sell any cards, but you know and I know these things happen and another night you will sell lots. Perhaps it was just the wrong night, raining, cold and no-one was wanting a card. You make lovely cards and I have seen your cards on do-crafts so I know they are good. Cheer up and take heart next time someone will buy your cards. Margaret d. and if you did not get my message thanks for the 3d sheets they arrived and are lovely. and from a very wet and rainy somerset happy crafting.

meayla said...

hi,what a shame! but i agree with other person,it was not personal!!! sometimes people come to these things and really do not want to part with the money!! perhaps the reason they didnt ask the price was because your cards were so nice that they assumed they would command a high price and so they werent ready to spend alot if you get my meaning!!
your cards are great,much better than mine and i manage to sell a fair amount at a local craft shop,but when i do stalls i mainly end up selling nic-nacs or kids goody bags,so please dont be down hearted!!!! they dont know what their missing!!!

nat x x said...

thanks ladies, it was a temporary loss of confidence as a friend took them into work wednesday and managed to sell £150 quids worth and is still going, plus a few orders for cards and other bits so i am well chuffed now and as my husband keeps telling me urmston (where i live ) is weird

Karen said...

Glad you are getting some return on your hard work now. Don't let one bad experience get you down: These events are always hit & miss and your concerns about the school night were right.

Fe-Fe said...

I know how you feel. I did my kids Christmas Fair on Friday and I hardly sold anything either. It does knock your confidence but it honestly has more to do with the buyers than your creations. You just need to find the right customers for you and then you'll sell heaps. Some people just don't know a good thing when they see it!

Fe x